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It's My Birthday

I'm finding myself in a place of truth and the story of how I got here.

I think about all the things I've learned on this path to Peace. The Reasons & Why's.

Peace is not popular, but to continue to seek Peace over Ignorance grants us all, a power to become our best selves and live a peaceful, healthy life.

Let's talk about our best selves through the eyes of our best self and let's match that energy with the energy of life.

The inspiration for this book comes from my experience in prison and the success I have found in life since the realization of my best self, the committed effort to that idea and all the hard work it took to live up to the vision of peace, building my life up, staying out of trouble, giving back to the community, establishing a youth organization, and providing a unique brand of wellness and prospective that can be related to my best self. This is the example that I bring.

Come hang out with me Wednesday, March 9th, 5:00-7:00 PM at SAME Cafe and let's explore the possibilities of becoming our best self, and the realizations of what it means to be an Apprentice of Peace.

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2022

Happy Birthday, Ronnie! 🎉

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