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Our Wellness Services

We welcome you to study with us and begin to learn and understand the basic of your energetic system described by 5 virtues Chinese classical medicine, we also invite you to take a slow motion journey into Tai Chi and learn the popular yang 24. Living in accordance with the five naturals laws, confusion is removed from one's life and self expression is fully supported by the mind, body and spirit guidance from heart center.

Energetic chi treatment is the foundation of wellness health and fitness knowing how the Energetic principles of the universe affects us,you'll come to understand the basis for energetic health, balanced state of emotion vs unbalanced state of emotions and how the energy transform into each season.

Tai Chi Classes

Energetic Qi treatment is about addressing the energetic system through stimulation and confronting emotional issues that stunt our growth and stagnate our energy. 

Qi Gong Classes

We offer the 9 palaces Qigong for health and vitality and ancient system of movement, visualizations and special breathing methods that connect and open the meridians to the organs that they are connected to for optimum health.

Energetic Healing

The energetic system is the most underrated systems in the body but one of the most important. We welcome you to study with us and begin to learn and understand the basic of your energetic system described by 5 virtues Chinese classical medicine, while receiving structural healing that will rejuvenate your life!

Tension/Stress Release

Our Tension and Stress Releasing services are done through massage techniques, acupressure, and relaxation therapy.

Tai Chi



9-Palaces Qigong (4 Sessions)

$80/one time

Full Energetic Assessment & Treatment

$200/one time



Body Work

$50/one time

Some people spend prison time in their own head, others spend time behind physical bars. Learn the story of how AOP was founded behind physical bars.
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Real Testimonials from Real People

"It's not a question of IF my body needs energetic treatment. It's a statement: My body needs energetic healing! Ronnie "Qi" Harvey's healing practices have helped to revive my life!" 

Phaedra H.

Cindy K.

"Connect[ed] with my lower Dantian, breathed in fully from there through the top of my crown. Operated from a tucked pelvis, trusting I am on purpose, and emotional releases are like holy water. Thank you Ronnie QI. You are a blessing in my life."

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