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Our Leaders

Ronnie "Qi" Harvey


A committed, dedicated and energetic student of the healing arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and the effects they have in changing the fabric of your life, Ronnie Harvey, better known by friends as Ronnie Qi brings the essential principles of Qi Gong and Tai Chi for total wellness, total health and total fitness wherever he goes. The Qi Gong wellness lifestyle is a major component to his life and outlook on the world. He chooses to be an example to his elders and youth by being a daily reminder to the connection they are missing with life when our minds, posture and breathing are out of alignment. The art of Qi Gong and Tai Chi can be used as a bridge to get you back to a place of optimum health. Ronnie has been practicing Qi Gong for a number of years, he believes that the healing effects are undeniable but it takes a committed and consistent effort to yourself to heal yourself. Ronnie is currently seeking speaking engagements to promote the book and share his story

D.L. "Pos" Ryant


D.L. "Pos" Ryant is certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention. He is also a Qi Gong medical student. Tai Chi and Qi Gong, while known for their martial aspects, are internal arts that deal with cultivating and moving energy which in turn promotes healing and wellness. His passion for alternative healing methods is driven by the experience of being in multiple car accidents and understanding the residual aches and pains that come with it. He is also an avid believer in all areas of self improvement. As a result he has taken the initiative to study, learn, and grow in the realms of healing through the internal arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Currently Pos serves as Executive Director of the Youth Organization and is active in creating strategic partnerships for the Apprentice of Peace Movement.

Our Motto:
Seek Self-Peace First
Living the uncommon dialogue, we strive to inspire the world to seek self-peace. By discovering your unique path to a true sense of inner peace, we teach practices and principals that allow people to express their true nature in the form of love and giving.
Why we do what we do
About Our Journey
Like many others on this planet, our journey began by seeking a deeper understanding of what truly lies within us and how we can articulate this unusual life in a way that can be understood. We've created the Apprentice of Peace organization to help the world realize that every journey is unique, and every person is capable of discovering their path for themselves.
We sincerely believe that the Principle's we have developed are capable of spreading a larger dose of peace and awareness in our culture today. The 4 Pillars are our Foundational Principle's that are helpful when heading down your path.
How you can contribute to
The AOP Movement
There are many ways we give back to the community. A great deal of our inspiration is driven by the youth. Become an AOP member by taking advantage of our Wellness Services or Donate to the AOP Youth Organization by shopping our AOP Clothing Line.
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