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Instructor training

Starting in June,

AOP Instructor training.

The Apprentice of Peace training is Different from any other training that you'll go through. There's an Apprentice in each and everyone of us, are you ready to step out and up to distinguish yourself among the community.

Become your best self with the Apprentice of Peace system and be fully integrated next school season. We're asking those interested to commit to

20 hrs over the summer to Learn the Curriculum, Workout routines and Activities.

We are looking to be in 20 schools next year, the Opportunity for Quality part time work is here. We're looking to expand the AOP Workforce by 20 to 25 people. Do you have what it takes to be a part of this New Era of Peace?

The Commitment of an Apprentice of Peace is NOT and" I State NOT a Job it's a lifestyle".

We are the direct advocates of youth and our programming allows us to be hands on with them building the consistency we need with them that will help them change their thoughts about the community and world they live in.

We invite you to be A part of AOP and start creating An AOP Instructor Profile for yourself. Becoming an Apprentice of Peace instructor is Aligning yourself with the mission of changing the world through the realization, the committed effort and accepting Principles of change.

Your Apprenticeship Begins Here

@ The Kirk Of Bonnie Brae 1201. S Steele St.

Mon, Wed, Fri from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

For More Info E-mail

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