• Ronnie Qi

A New Era of Peace Pt2

A New Era of Peace Begins with a Birth. Not just any birth, but the birth of An Apprentice of peace body, spirit and soul. With that, the birth of an ideal that becomes the foundation of living and application becomes truth. For a New Era of Peace to occur we are going to have to be raised and born into communities of love and learning. When the idea of change for peace, changes the foundation of living, we'll all adapt because the powerful examples of peace are to profound to ignore.

This New Era of Peace will be lead be those who take responsibility for the community, those who ideas are creative for creating a peaceful future.

A New Era of Peace will be lead by self reliant, self discipline and accountable youth.

For A New Era of Peace to occur, the youth's voice needs to be heard and acted upon. With new leadership old ways dissolve, who is part of creating peace? or who is a part of creating chaos?

A new era of Peace is on the horizon and the calling is strong and many are answering the call.

Take your place in this New era of Peace.

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