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An Apprentice of Peace is a direct advocate of the youth. Their responsibility is to teach youth to become their best self through the Apprentice of Peace philosophy.

  • The 9 Point Philosophy

    • Realization, Committed Effort and Accepting Principles of Change

    • Goal, Plan, and Strategy (G.P.S.)

    • Self, Community, and World

  • 4 Pillars (​Wellness, Common sense, Social Responsibility, Leadership)

  • L.A.W.S (Leadership, Arts, Wellness and Skill trades) of Life

  • 5 Elements of Advocacy

  • 5 Virtues of Qigong

  • 9 Palaces

  • Tai Chi

"With these learning makers under your belt, you can start to walk the path of an Apprentice of Peace and continue to engage the world in what it means to be an Apprentice of peace." - Ronnie

The 9 Point Philosophy

The 9 Points of AOP Philosophy is the formula of an Apprentice of Peace. It includes Realization, Committed Effort, and accepting principles of change to Establish the work that needs to be done for the Self, the Community and the World which leads us to create A goal, plan, strategy (G.P.S.) to make our realizations reality.

Realization, Committed Effort, and Accepting Principles of Change

Realization: There’s a realization in all of us waiting to be made. More specifically, a realization for the self is a deeper realization for the world and what needs to be fixed. This is an authentic realization coming from a place of peace, not of a place of trauma.


Committed Effort: The Committed Effort is the glue connecting our Realizations to our Accepting Principles. Our Committed Effort gets stronger each time we commit to becoming our best selves. Ultimately, you want to be able to challenge the youth to overcome peer pressure, negativity and become their best selves.


Accepting Principles: The Accepting Principle are the hardest part of being an Apprentice of Peace. Our goals will take work, planning and strategy to change the world to accept the problem you want to change, to accept negativity and raise above it. Acceptance is being open to growth; mental, emotional and physical.

G.P.S. (Goal, Plan, Strategy)

Goal: Goals are what lead to our success. Every Apprentice of Peace should have goals for themselves and understand how to accomplish their goals. In understanding their goals, they must take in consideration both the community and the world. Then, make goals that reflect the work it takes to change the community and the world.

Plan: Planning is crucial to our success. The Apprentice of Peace will always have an active plan working on their success and wellness. This plan is fully detailed to help the Apprentice of Peace be organized through life.  It is vital that we as an Apprentice of Peace help the youth develop sound and successful plans for their life.

Strategy: It is your strategy that helps you to execute your plan. Strategy is the who, where, when and how. Strategy highlights your understanding of your goals and how to achieve them. The Strategy of a an Apprentice of Peace is to always be their best self for the community and world to see.

4 Pillars

Pillar 1: Wellness

Overall Wellness is about recognizing that your body needs much more than just exercise. It needs a balance between the right food, mental training, relaxation, and exercise to maintain a healthy and strong body and mind. Wellness is what allows deep emotional stability


Pillar 2: Common Sense

Common sense is defined as: Sound judgement on practical matters, based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. ​ Having common sense is all about simplifying thing in your life to understand its true nature. With a better understanding of your surroundings, you will have deeper clarity in your life.


Pillar 3: Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical framework that states an organization or individual has an obligation; to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual must perform to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

Pillar 4: Leadership

Most people think there are leaders and there are followers. The truth is, everyone needs to be a leader at one point and needs to be a follower at another. The trick is understanding when to lead and when to listen. True leadership is fully knowing that you don't know everything. 

This is the guardians of peace formula that puts you in direct connection with the youth as mentors

Once a week, the Apprentices of Peace will gather and go over the principles by learning the 9 Point Philosophy for themselves and how it applies to helping the youth in the program.  On a different day of the week, their goal will be to establish an Apprentice of Peace following to those who want to come into the network and help the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization grow by learning our 9 Point Philosophy, learning the 4 Pillars of Wellness, the L.A.W.S. of Life and the 5 elements of advocacy.

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