• Ronnie Qi

Your Wellness

Learn about the relationship of Yin & Yang and the five virtues and how to apply them everyday to your life for optimum health.

Living in accordance with the five naturals laws confusion is removed from one's life and self expression is fully supported by the mind, body and spirit's guidance from heart center.

  • Learn how to breath heart centered.

  • Learn how to realign your posture.

  • Improve your balance.

  • Relax stress.

Begin building the foundation of wellness health and fitness.

If you'd like personal and private instruction in Tai Chi and Qigong or secondary treatment to help you reclaim your wellness health and fitness.

Set an appointment with me now get a free Initial session.

Secondary treatments/

  • Massage.energetic reflex point

  • Energetic assessment and treatment.

Addressing the energetic system, stimulating the energetic system through Classical Chinese medicine that helps us confront emotional issues that stunt our growth and stagnate our energy.

4 sessions for 100.00

  • combination package of Tai Chi, Qigong, massage or energetic treatment.

  • Single session 35.00 for wellness focus.


Ronnie Qi

The Apprentice of Peace.

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