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Join our Team

2019 School Season is here looking for the champions of the community

to join our team, Is that you.

Do you have a skill, you want to be a part of something bigger and have a meaningful impact with your work.

join us for this 2 day training at the Kirk of Bonnie Brae 1201 s. Steele st

Come learn how you can engage youth in the L.A.W.S of Life, Leadership, Arts, Wellness and Skill trades for Part time work and community engagement.

The Apprentice of Peace is it's own work force creating opportunities within opportunities for our instructors and youth alike..

learn the

L.A.W.S of Life with the Apprentice of Peace

6 pm to 9 pm Friday- The Apprentice of Peace Philosophy

5 pm to 10 pm Sat - Activities and Games

Kirk of Bonnie Brae

1201 S Steele st.

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