• Ronnie Qi


It's in the process that we find the Intuitive Magick of success.

A step can only be taken when the foot is lifted and placed in front of the other, for a baby

That's a tremendous knowledge of effort.

When you lose the kid, the youthfulness in your heart the intuitive knowledge of taking your first steps vanish as does your intuitive knowledge of success, which is replaced by fear.

This fear cripples us into believing we can become no more then the limits set by our fear.

When it's as simple as putting one foot in front of the other and walking down, learning yourself, educating yourself about yourself, challenging yourself until you break through to yourself, your success, your goals and dreams.

Take the first steps at being the person you know you are.

The Apprentice of Peace youth organization is looking to hire 5 motivated, skilled, talented Individuals to join the team and help us lead our kids back to the Intuitive success of their best selves through the L.A.W.S of Life, Defined as Leadership , Arts, Wellness and Skill trades.

Wanna be a part of this next training.

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