• Ronnie Qi

Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains Dialogue pt 2

Over this weekend I realized my lane, I'm not only here for the kids I'm here for those on Parole, Half Way house, Probation re-entering society because I come from all these places and I know what it takes to be a positive and productive example for us all, I have opportunities within my companies for us to learn how to become our best selves.

because like most of us at any given time we can Slowly start to walk down an life installment plan by going back in forth to prison for the choices and decisions we make.

When I got out in 2001 I never reported for parole and started running the streets automatically… I think I was on them good X pills around this time because all I get is how much I still didn’t care about doing right for right because I was still doing wrong for wrong and until I was wrapped back behind the fence.

This repeating pattern we repeat time and time again and we repeat it with the same people over and over again. This is what I know, especially if you were in the League.

These streets are particular because there's only a certain percent of men and women going back and forth to prison compared to the whole of society. This percentage gets intimately involved with each other from going to funerals together to spreading they a['s cheeks for the reception guard at any prison facility you roll up to, Imagine that and Imagine why it's important to have a program like Breaking Chains and Building Bonds having real people really step up to provide ways our incarcerated men and women can be successful in the reentry into society. I've been to groups ran by all type of people during my stint in the prison system and most of the counselors and therapist have never been through shit and it's a macro of what's happening in the school system but the point here is that the person delivering the information has to have that story of success behind it instead of the studying and learning and understanding about it. We want to know how did you come back from the brink not you telling me how to stay away from it when you have not been close to it yourself. That's what Breaking Chains and Building Bonds is all about the pilot that has been sparked from these efforts can be the catalyst as we all start to take into consideration of the Impact of incarcerated parents and children of incarcerated parents.

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