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Summer DROP IN

It's that time of the year, the Summer time, what exactly are your kids going to be doing?

From June 18th to July 31st you can have your Kids drop in with us and engage in fun educational activities that help them understand what it means to be an Apprentice of peace and how to be the best of themselves.

We have a lot to offer through out the week. Monday you' have a choice of financial literacy with Operation Hope, exposing your kids to the responsibility of money or Platteforum where they will experience various art projects. Tuesday is trade skills day, your youth will be building fun D.Y.I . Projects, from home made Radios to Rubber stamps.

Wednesday the youth will be able to get their battle on as they engage in the mental battle of Chess and how to prepare themselves for Self defense through The Tao of Boxing and on Friday we'll be Kicking it off with Slam Nuba and some Tai Chi to end the weekend. Our Summer schedule is up and we're ready.

Monday's and Tuesday's will also be Instructor training days as well, so feel free to join us if your interested in the instructor training.

Starts June 18th

@ Kirk of Bonnie Brae

1201 S.Steele St.

Denver, Co

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