• Ronnie Qi

AOP Opportunity

Ya’ll have seen the demo / Rough draft of our organizational video, it’s impressive to say the least, this is what me and my brother Pos have been building for the last five years.

You know they say the five year mark is the mark of a business in business or closing their business.

Our 5 year Anniversary is right around the corner and The Apprentice of Peace is thriving.

We have firmly established ourselves as a premiere Youth Leadership Organization as Direct advocates of youth.

There’s so much opportunity and growth within this company, building our school schedule we already have 10 schools that want us back for next year. We are training Instructors all Summer, interested hit that Inbox.

We are finalizing the details of bringing our programming into the youth facilities, providing more opportunities for The Apprentice of Peace to have the Impact on youth in positive ways and creating economic opportunity for stability within a network and business that is creating the next working community business model through a fully integrated lifestyle movement.

I’m looking for true Apprentices of Peace those who know what they have to offer, can your experience speak for itself?

We can’t do this by ourselves, when you have the realization to be your best?

That’s the Invitation to be an Apprentice of Peace.

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