• Ronnie Qi

The Purpose

It’s like I've seen a lot of this dream in my dream, the ability to create and change.

The ability to be my best to produce my best is actively happening.

I went into the Youth Division Services today with purpose of Mission, we are a New Era of Peace and it starts with the youth and not just any youth, the youth who have already tasted the harsh realities of this world that their voice is not being heard.

We are here to help lead these lost ones back into the fold of productivity and Achievement.

By Implementing our program into the youth and detention facilities in the state. Talking with the coordinators who actively try to serve the children in these facilities with quality programming, to help reduce the rate of recidivism and connect them to wellness, health and fitness components that will help them make better decisions.

The Apprentice of Peace School to Prison pipeline Blockade is in full effect. All the Things are in place for us to provide great access and opportunity to the youth. We have internships and in-house employment opportunities for the youth to pursue upon their release.

I’ve been in these facilities so I know that seeing our face’s and hearing our words will help the youth in these facilities understand their obligation to be their best to stay out of trouble.

This goes with the innovation of the Innovators Society grant for mental health to naturalize the word mental health and really take a look at our youth for the growing challenged young man and women that they are and give them the help we know they need to be the potential to change the world.

I had a dream that we would lead the youth to be the best of themselves and change the world funny how dreams turn into reality and we are actively doing it we teach over a 100 kids every year in the Denver public school system.

We know that this system has been in existence and has not changed and the change that is happening we are pioneers of.

Today we scored one for the overall mission getting our program in front of the coordinators at the youth facilities, Lookout Mountain, Mountview and the Foot.

You’ve probably been to one of these facilities as a youth I know I have.

And you know the level of engagement the youth get, being able to bring our program into the system is something that’s needed. Something that is a long time in the making. Something that will bring change and new perspective The Apprentice of Peace.

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