• Ronnie Qi

The Impact of Peace

The Apprentice of peace has been growing for the last 4 yrs and we have definitely made an Impact, our leadership program, our Middle school excel program and our youth fun and development programs.

Our programs give the youth the ability to fully step up and change the world by understanding what they have to offer to the community and world through their example of what it means to be their best..

The Apprentice of Peace leadership program ushers in a new era of Peace. The willing youth are arming themselves with the tools to combat the ignorance that is running rampant in society.

The youth have first hand experience in seeing the way things don’t work and have understanding and foresight into the things that will work and can change for the better.

Talking with youth and watching them grow, Teaching youth and watching them learn.

Full time we are in the trenches and we are not doing anything contrary to providing the best platform for intuitive and expressive learning.

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Ronnie Qi

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