• Ronnie Qi

Nothing to take lightly

The Undertaking of a journey that will change the world.

We set off, with that intention and we are coming close to completing the blueprint.

Working with the Innovators society and the Innovation of introducing Tai Chi and the Principles of the Apprentice of Peace into the fabric of the School Pipeline and community is a blessing. We see our Enrichment programs bringing a new era of learning and education. The First Principle of the Apprentice of Peace is realize what’s holding you back from being your best self.

Most kids don’t know what it means to be their best self and the Apprentice of Peace Philosophy will help them explore what they are good at and what they like, help them understand their top 3 skills and help them identify real heroes in their life that they can draw inspiration from.

And once the have created that formula they will go into the community as Peacekeepers and Peacemakers campaigning on advocacy points that, they themselves have created.

The Apprentice of Peace is the Platform of the future that youth will raise as the mantle of Change and Growth, Living Learning and Love.

A new era of Peace.

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