• Ronnie Qi

Future looking

2018 Is looking very promising. The Apprentice of peace fully integrated lifestyle movement is growing, be a part of our Mentor team as we create balances and checks for the school system, Parents and teachers.

We cannot let the youth of the future grow up in a world where they do not know what it means to be accountable for their actions and how to be responsible for themselves.

Where is the best? Where are the People who want to explore what their best has to offer?

Where are the people who want to be the best for simply being the best?

These are Apprentices of Peace, making sure they give themselves the extra effort to make their realizations reality.

We're ushering in a new era of peace only the best understand this, it's our example that change's the world.

Join us, become a AOP Instructor and help us Teach the youth responsibility through wellness, become a mentor and help the youth understand their role in school and the community or volunteer to help promote our organization and help us go to china 2019.

The Apprenticeship is yours.

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