• Ronnie Qi

Perceptual Awakening Retreat

In order to reach peace you have to first know what is keeping you from it. Learn the barriers to your happiness and uncover inner tools to live your best life. Perceptual Awakening is an interactive retreat to overcome internal and external battles that have hindered you from being your best self or living a life you prefer to live. We will explore the influences that have shaped your perceptions which in turn inspired your choices and actions. While identifying the beneficial and/or destructive impact your perceptions have had on your life, you will be guided to tap into your own inner wisdom and build on your strengths to regain self-Luv and Luv for others, or just have the ability to create a happier exis...tence. By the end of the retreat you will establish measurable goals to improve your life. Retreat consists of: Impacting Perceptions - Activities to uncover the origin of your perceptions and how these views impact your life, and empowerment stragies moving forward to heal and live your true life. With Hailima Yates Qi Gong and Tai Chi - Iinternal arts that deal with cultivating and moving energy which in turn promotes healing and wellness. With D.L. Pos Ryant and Ronnie QI - The Apprentice Of Peace Wellness Studio Presentation on Nourishing and Detoxifying Herbs by Monticue Connally Learn about the science of the Three Brains: Head Brain, Heart Brain and Gut Brain and how the connection of all three is critical to living a conscious life. You will also participate in a powerful group healing session with BodyTalk. With Miranda Cacek

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