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What will I do?

I will do all the things that will bring success to the Apprentice of Peace.

Doing everything my word entails, the research to distinguish The Apprentice of Peace with the association of the world.

The right people will be in the right places, passing along proper instruction that clearly establish the details of the plans to be fulfilled.

Creating a remarkable environment of excellence and success is the product the Apprentice of Peace.

Investing in those who are a part of the creative process,effectively communicating goals, ambitions to cultivate an air of learning as the Apprentice of peace matures and grows. I will break down ill conceived notions that the Apprentice of Peace won't prosper because of what traditions of society dictate Annie peace. We will take the willing and transform them into The Apprentices of Peace the world needs, maneuvering and executing with the principled precision the Apprentice of Peace requires.

What will I have after I am done?

The knowledge that diligent hard work paid off and the Apprentice of Peace has proven to be a source of Peace and change.

Embracing the principles of Peace there will be a glorious estate we can comfortably exercise the knowledge gained to ensure success.

We will have a life of responsible pleasure. We will have the willingness of trusted friends because of the individual effort invested in them to see them become successful.

We will have acquired the knowledge of life and the ability to seize every opportunity presented. We will have mastered ourselves and our creations Will be motivating forces that can't be opposed.

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