• Ronnie Qi

Peace Jam

From Peace Jam to a Apprenticeship of Peace.

There has been many that came before and they set the path in which we can help spread the word of Peace. It's been 20 years and Peace Jam has produced positive change for youth leadership. It is a natural progression that those who understand the intention of Peace Jam to understand what it means to be become an Apprentices of Peace.

We are the example of common sense and social responsibility through wellness, health and fitness. The Apprentice of Peace, we bring a lifestyle of change for change and Peace. In this time and age the energy to be the best has been replaced with the intention of imitation, we don't live our dreams and we live the dreams and lives of others hoping that we find happiness in that never ending carousel. The Apprentice of Peace, are agents of Peace and we are honored to Present what it means to be an Apprentice of Peace and how to reconnect to becoming the best examples for ourselves, our community and world.

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