• Ronnie Qi

A New Era of Peace. Pt1

If a new Era of Peace is to begin, we're going to have to confront our hearts which means confronting our truth, which is most times in contradiction of who we think we are. It's the reason we never give more thought or consideration because we know the answers are there in our hearts.

When we live from the heart it's obvious, but when we avoid that connection, the answers we seek will never be found or the issue of living life will never be addressed or confronted.

If a new Era of peace is to begin we are going to have to start living from our hearts, as simply said tell the truth to yourself. What's your realization to become a better person, what's your plan to better your community, what's your strategy to make the world a better place. if you are in alignment with this mission you are An Apprentice of Peace.

The Apprentice of Peace is a Lifestyle change for wellness, health and fitness through common sense and social responsibility.

Are you ready to journey down the path to peace?

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