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Apprentice of Peace

What does it mean to be an

Apprentice of Peace

is a Fully Integrated Life Style Movement
The Apprentice of Peace infuses Tai Chi and our own philosophy into this fully integrated lifestyle movement that combines wellness, health, and fitness, with common sense and social responsibility. We do this through our:
Wellness Studio
Youth Organization
Apparel Line
Check out our youth organization in the video and get your copy of our book The Apprentice of Peace: An Uncommon Dialogue, written by our Co-Founder, Ronnie Qi Harvey to learn more about the principles and philosophy we use to engage the community and world!

Discover the 4 pillars

By living a more AOP lifestyle, you make the conscious choice of leaving this world better than you found it.
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Study the Principles
Begin your path to becoming an Apprentice of Peace by getting your copy of the book, The Apprentice of Peace: An Uncommon Dialogue. In this book, author Ronnie Qi shares his story and blueprint of escaping prison life and gang culture, by making realizations, committing the effort, and accepting all of the hard work it takes to change and grow. 

Show off your AOP Side

Shop quality and style while giving back to the community in a big way.

How We Give

Learn about the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization. Our love for this program comes from having the unique opportunity of being able to engage and learn about our youth today.
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